Antioch Baptist Church
2607 Antioch Road
Golden, MS 38847-8128
Phone: 662-585-3570
Staff Information
Pastor, Dean Warren; Music Minister, William Holcomb
Sunday: Sunday School 10:00 am   Morning Worship 11:00 am Evening Worship 5:00 pm
Wednesday Evening 7:00 pm
Auburn Baptist Church
1138 CR 931, Tupelo, MS  38804-8253
Phone 662-842-5638    Fax 662-842-6662


Staff Information
Jimmy Henry, Pastor; Craig Richardson, Worship Pastor; Cody Hensley,Student Pastor; Ben Stephenson, Children’s Pastor;
Sheila Keltz, Ministry Assistant
 Sunday: Morning Worship 8:00 am & 10:30 am    Life groups 9:15 am        Evening Worship 5:30 pm
 Wednesday:  Senior Adult Bible Study 10:30 am      Activities for all ages 6:30 pm

Baldwyn First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 337 ~  500 South 4th Street
Baldwyn, MS 38824-0337

Phone: 662-365-5201      Fax: 662-365-3511


Staff Information:
Chuck Hampton, Interim  Pastor;  Bryan Horner, Youth Minister;
Karen Davis, Worship Leader
Judy Wallis and Jody Bailey, Ministry Assistants
Sunday: Worship: 9:00 am          Sunday School: 10:15 am    Evening Worship: 6:00 pm 
 Wednesday:   3G Kids Worship & Activities: 6:00 pm      Youth worship: 6:00 pm
 Prayer meeting & Bible Study for adults: 6:00 p.m.

Basileia Church

Mooreville, MS 38857 
Phone: 662-416-0528
Staff Information
Derek Jones, Pastor
Barnes Crossing Baptist Church
P.O. Box 4253  ~   496 Barnes Crossing Road
Tupelo, MS 38803      Phone: 662-844-3411
Staff Information:
Jackie Spencer, Pastor; Brad Carter, Music Minister
Sunday School 10 am, Worship 11:00 am  Evening 6:00 pm
Wednesday 6:00 pm
Belden Baptist Church 
P O Box 92  ~  4121 McCullough Blvd.
Belden, MS 38826-0092
Phone: 662-842-6341      Fax: 662-842-6361


Staff Information

Jim Holcomb, Senior Pastor; Gary Gray, Director of Music Ministries; Chris Terry, Director of Student Ministries; Paul Worsham, Director of Children and Family Ministries;  Cathy Knight, Financial Administrator; Margaret Stiles, Administrative Assistant; Shelly Watkins, Celisa Russell and Suzanne Bauer, Ministry Assistants


Sunday School 9 am, Worship 10 am (live streaming); Discipleship 5 pm 
Wednesdays: 10 am Bible Study, 5 pm Fellowship Meal, 6 pm Awana, The Zone and Adult Discipleship

Bethany Baptist Church (Itawamba)

3 Old School Road 
Tremont, MS

Phone: 662-652-3867


Staff Information
 James Peoples, Pastor; Brandon Jones, Music Minister, 
Sunday School 10am, Worship 11am, Discipleship Training 5pm, Evening Service 6pm 
Wednesday evening 7 pm
Bethany Baptist Church (Lee)

Saltillo, MS 38866-7236 

Phone: 662-841-0018

Staff Information
Troy Montgomery, Pastor; Roy Norris, Music Minister


Birmingham Ridge Baptist Church

670 CR 251
Saltillo, MS 38866-9125

Phone: 662-869-2245

Staff Information
Bobby Holland, Pastor;
Paul Wayne Bradley, Music & Youth Minister
Sunday School – 10:00 am,  Worship – 11:00 am,  Discipleship Training – 5:30 pm  Evening Worship – 6:15 pm 
Wednesday – 6:30 pm

Bissell Baptist Church

4662 W. Main Street
Tupelo, MS 38801-8147
Phone: 662-842-2183     Fax: 662-842-3895
Staff Information
Tommy Winders, Interim Pastor; Open, Music Minister; Sandy Myers, Ministry
Sunday School 10:00 am,   Worship 11:00 am,  Wednesday 6:30 pm


Brewer Baptist Church

302 CR 520
 Shannon, MS 38868-8358
Phone: 662-767-3775
Staff Information
Tim Tutor, Pastor; Open, Music Minister; Jeremy Haynes, Youth Minister
Sunday School 9:30 am     Worship 10:30 am    Discipleship Training 5:30 pm  Evening Worship 6:30 pm
 Wednesday 7:00 pm


Calvary Baptist Church (Itawamba)

PO Box 86    112 Votech Road
Fulton, MS 38843
Phone: 662-862-5523
Staff Information
Open, Pastor; Mackey Nichols & Gail Umphers, Music/Choir Directors
Sunday School 10 am  Worship 11 am     Evening Service 6 pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm


Calvary Baptist Church (Lee)

P O Box 1008      501 West Main Street
Tupelo, MS 38802-1008

Phone: 662-842-3338         Fax: 662-842-2938



Staff Information
Chris DeGeorge, Pastor; Jeff Chamblee, Interim Music Minister; Todd Summerford, Minister to Students; Jim Yates, Associate Pastor; Candice Reed, Childhood Ministries Director; Michael Lunceford, Business Administrator; Kevin Ann Weatherly, Preschool Director; Gail Chisholm, Mother’s Day Out Director; Mike Williams, Operations Coordinator; Samantha Barron, Financial Secretary, Yvonne Merritt, Mickie Gatlin and Debbie Brouillette, Ministry Assistants; Ellen White, Media/Assistant; Tracey Morton, Media Director
Sunday School – 9:15 am  Morning Worship – 10:30 am    Evening Worship – 6:00 pm   Wednesday – 6:00 pm
Camp Creek Baptist Church
846 County Road 231
Guntown, MS 38849-6115 
Phone: 662-869-5474      Fax: 662-869-5474


Staff Information
Chad Higgins, Pastor; Jerry Crawford, Music Minister; Open, Youth Minister
Sunday:   Worship – 9:00 am    Sunday School – 10:15 am        Discipleship – 5:30 pm,  Evening  Worship – 6:15 pm
Wednesday Night – 7:00 pm

Chesterville Baptist Church

376 Road 41 
Tupelo, MS 38801-7986

Phone: 662-842-9688

Staff Information
Randy Clark, Pastor; Pat Malone, Music Minister; Stephanie Stanfield, Youth Minister

Dorsey Baptist Church

1919 Highway 178 
Mantachie, MS 38855-7211

Phone: 662-862-4646

Staff Information
Danny Rushing, Pastor; Robbie Powell, Worship Leader


Doty Chapel Baptist Church

232 Shackelford Avenue 
Shannon, MS 38868
Phone: 662-767-3066
Staff Information:
Brian Daniels, Pastor; David Tubb, Music Minister
Sunday: 10 am and 5:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Study 6;30 pm


East Heights Baptist Church

205 Lake Street  
Tupelo, MS 38804-5140
Phone: 662-842-4947      Fax: 662-842-8443
Staff Information:
Dr. Tim Brown, Senior Pastor; Gary Townsend, Worship/Sr. Adult Pastor; Nathan Fitts, Youth Pastor; Hunter Slay, Children’s Pastor; Denise McFarland, Preschool/Children’s Weekday Director;
Angie Simmons, Financial Ministry Assistant
Sunday School – 9:00 am  Morning Worship – 10:00 am  Evening Worship – 5:00 pm
Wednesday – 6:00 pm

East Mount Zion Baptist Church

185 CR 1503
 Baldwyn, MS 38824-9286

Phone: 662-365-7604

Staff Information:
Acy Barber, Pastor; Mike Hughes, Minister of Music
Sunday School 10:00 am  Worship & Children’s Church  11:00 am   Evening 6:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:00 pm  Youth and Adult Bible Study 6:30 pm
Emanuel Iglesia Bautista
PO Box 906     213 E Elizabeth Street
Tupelo, MS  38802
Staff Information
Jose Taboada, Pastor
                                      Sunday Service 10:00 am   Wednesday 7:00 pm

Euclatubba Baptist Church

722 Euclatubba Road
 Saltillo, MS 38866

Phone: 662-869-5287

Facebook: EuclatubbaBaptistChurch
Staff Information
Scott Witcher, Pastor/Music Minister
Sunday Small Group Bible Study 9:30 am     Morning Worship 10:30 am     Evening Service 5 pm
Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer 6:30 pm


Evergreen Baptist Church

4755 New Chapel Road
Nettleton, MS 38858-9088
 Staff Information
Pastor, Michael Yielding; Pam White, Worship Leader/Youth

Faith Baptist Church

553 CR 681
Saltillo, MS 38866

Phone: 662-869-3348

Staff Information
Dr. Philip Ellis, Pastor; Tom Young, Music Minister;
                                                                          Mark Taylor, Minister of Students/Education;  Renea Stanley, Ministry Assistant
Sunday School 9:15 am   Worship & Kidz Church 10:30 am
Wednesday: Kidz Gospel Project 6:15 pm     Bible Studies  6:30 pm

First Baptist Church, Saltillo

311 Mobile Street
Saltillo, MS 38866

Phone: 662-869-5742



Staff Information
Ronnie Hatfield, Pastor; Scott Munson, Minister of Music; Brad Marlar, Student Minister; Emily Kelly, Preschool/Children’s Director; Lisa Donaldson, Financial Ministry Assistant/Office Manager;  Shannon Atkins, Ministry Assistant


Sunday School 9:00 am   Worship Service 10:15 am 
Wednesday: TeamKid 6:00 pm  Bible Study 6:15 pm
First Baptist Church Shannon
P O Box 21   143 Shannon Avenue
Shannon, MS  38868

Phone: 662-767-3948

Staff Information
John Davis, Pastor; Open, Music Minister; Stephen Burks, Youth Minister;
Carol Anglin, Ministry Assistant
Sunday School 9:00 am   Worship 10:00 am   Discipleship Training 5:00 pm
Evening Worship 6:00 pm   
                                                             Wednesday Supper  5:30 pm  Prayer Meeting  6:30 pm 

First Baptist Church of Tupelo

300 North Church Street
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 662-842-1327  Fax: 662-842-9158

Staff Information
Matt Powell, Senior Pastor; Lee Allred, Serving & Supporting Associate Pastor; Randy Wood, Music Minister; Luke West, Worship Leader (Casual Service); Ricky Young, Associate Pastor; Shandy Dill, Student Minister; Carrie DeVenny, Director of Children’s Ministry, Betsy O’Neal, Director of Preschool Ministry; David Hall, Director of Finance & Human Resources; Christine Allred, Dayschool Director; James Savage, Media & Technology Director;
  Regina Harrell, Twila McDaniel and Kim Smith, Ministry Assistants
Sunday School/Grow Groups 9:45 am    Morning Worship 8:15/11:00 am 
Discipleship Training – 5:00 pm Evening Worship 6:00 pm
Wednesday – Kingdom Kidz and  542 Youth 5:30 pm    Adults 6:00 pm

Fulton First Baptist Church

PO Box 400     108 Piercetown Road
Fulton, MS 38843Phone: 662-862-3207


Staff Information
Tim Williams, Interim Pastor; Ministry Assistant, Gail Reich
Sunday School 9 am   Worship 10 am   Evening Bible Study 5 pm
Wednesday Bible Study 5:45 pm


Guntown First Baptist Church

P O Box 101    1617 Main Street
Guntown, MS 38849-0101

Phone: 662-348-5711

Staff Information
Bobby Robbins, Pastor; Darren Phelps, Music Minister

Harrisburg Baptist Church

4675 Cliff Gookin Blvd. 
Tupelo, MS 38801-7037
Phone: 662-842-6917    Fax: 662-841-1229
Staff Information
Rob Armstrong,  Pastor; Jim Baker, Interim Executive  Pastor; David Smith, Minister to Senior Adults and Recreation; Aaron G. Tomes, Minister of Music; Tim Alexander, Minister of Education and Single Adults; John Gordon, Missions Pastor;  Paul Backstrom, Business Administrator; Michael Kelly, Minister to Students; Shelley Farmer, Childhood Director; Angela Mitchell, Preschool Director; J.B. Long, Student Associate; Beverly Cotton, Day School Director; Steven Hall, Director of Technology; Doug Stewart, Broadcast Director;  Donna Sharp, Stephanie Ritchey, Cathy Kennedy,  and Nelda Hartley, Ministry Assistants
Sunday School- 9:45 am  Worship – 8:30 am & 11:00 am  Evening Worship – 5:00 pm 
Wednesday – 6:00 pm


Kirkville Baptist Church

13474 Highway 371
Marietta, MS 38856-5722

Phone: 662-401-0503

Staff Information
Henry Jenkins, Pastor;  Rita Taylor, Worship Leader

Lakeland Baptist Church

5719 River Road
Mantachie, MS 38855-9531

Phone: 6622824817

Staff Information
Cody Crum, Pastor; Andy Tatum, Music Minister

Macedonia Baptist Church

103 CR 1966 
Tupelo, MS 38804-9793

Phone: 662-840-8203

Staff Information
Open,  Pastor; Dexter Griggs, Music Minister
  Sunday School – 9 am, Sunday Worship 10am,  Discipleship Training 5 pm, Evening Worship 6 pm,

Wednesday Evening 6pm


Monument Drive Baptist Church

405 Monument Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: 662-610-5017

Staff Information
Tim Roaten, Pastor; Jeff Kidd, Music Minister; Jeff and Jana Kidd, Youth Ministers.
Sunday School 9:00 am    Worship 10:00 am     Discipleship Training 5:30 pm   Evening Worship 6:00 pm            Wednesday 6:00 pm

Morning View Baptist Church

105 Morning View Lane
Mantachie, MS 38855-8700

Phone: 662-282-4992

Staff Information
Bradley Bagwell, Pastor; Music Minister, Open
Sunday School 9:15 am   Worship & Kidz Church 10:30 am
Wednesday: Kidz Gospel Project 6:15 pm     Bible Studies  6:30 pm


Mount Carmel Baptist Church

524 South Gloster
Tupelo, MS 38801
Staff Information
Melvin Ambrose, Pastor

Mount Sinai Baptist Church

P O Box 873      2032 Green Tee Road
Tupelo, MS  38802-0873
Phone:  662-566-4441
Staff Information
Lowell Walker, Pastor; Titus Howell, Associate Pastor; Charles Fondon, Music Minister.

Mount Vernon Baptist Church

937 Mount Vernon Road
Tupelo, MS 38804
Phone: 662-842-9082
Staff Information
Dustin Tutor, Pastor; Shawn Moore, Associate Pastor; William Riley, Music Minister; Jason Raper, Interim Youth Minister.


Nettleton First Baptist Church

P O Box 427      256 East Main
Nettlelton, MS  38858

Phone: 662-963-7341

Staff Information
Open, Pastor; Open, Music Minister/Associate Pastor; David Smith, Youth Minister

New Beginning Church

2506 South Gloster
Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: 662-401-4320

Staff Information
 George Pritchard, Pastor; Deon Shaw, Music Minister

New Home Baptist Church

4715 Clay Tilden Road
Fulton, MS 38843-8958

Phone: 662-862-2866

Staff Information
Casey Crum, Pastor; David Wallace, Music Minister



New Hope Baptist Church

542 CR 1009
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 662-842-8438

Staff Information
Lowell Johnson, Pastor; Brent Sanders, Music Minister
Sunday School – 9:45 am  Worship – 11:00 am   Evening  Worship 5:00 pm
Wednesday – 6:30 pm

Northstar Church

112 Bauhaus Drive
Saltillo, MS  38866
Phone:  662-869-7778
Tupelo Campus
3528 McCullough Blvd
 Belden, MS 38826


Staff Information
Terry Ledbetter, Senior Pastor; Michael Bowers, Maturity Pastor; Jeff Flinn,  Connections Pastor; Scott Lentz, Worship Pastor; Troy Comer, Saltillo Campus Pastor;  Wesley Gray, Saltillo Campus Student Pastor; Marsha Flinn, Saltillo Campus Children’s Minister; Andrew Ledbetter, Tupelo Campus Pastor; Tanner Brown, Tupelo Campus Student Pastor,; Erin Ledbetter, Tupelo Campus Children’s Minister; Aaron Ledbetter, Tupelo Campus Worship Leader; Lori McElhenny, Ministry Assistant
Sunday Worship – 9:00 am and  10:50 am
 Small groups meet in host homes
 Student Bible Study, Wednesday –6:00 pm

Old Union Baptist Church

113 CR 455
Shannon, MS 38868
Phone: 662-767-8831
Staff Information
                                                                  Bob O’Neal, Pastor; Jeff Short, Associate Pastor and Music Minister


Palestine Baptist Church

P O Box 340      730 CR 598

Nettleton, MS 38862-0340
Phone: 662-610-5455


Staff Information

 Mark Hoover, Pastor; Tracy Hoover, Choir Director (Servant volunteer leadership for Children, Youth, Young Adult, Senior Adult, Men & Ladies Ministries)



 Sunday Services: Sunday School – 10:00 am,  Morning Worship – 11:00 am, 

Choir Practice – 5:00 pm, Evening Worship – 5:30 pm

Wednesday; Adult, Youth & Children 6:30 pm
Palmetto Baptist Church 

785 Palmetto Road

Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: 662-566-8852

Staff Information

 Bro. Jimmy Webb,Pastor; Open, Music Minister.



Parkway Baptist Church

1302 Lee Street
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 662-842-7843    Fax: 662-842-7998



Staff Information
Open, Pastor; Cory Hays, Worship Minister/Associate Pastor;
Katey Witt, Education and Children’s Leader;
                                                                              Cheryl Morrison, Ministry Assistant
Sunday School – 9:15 am  Morning Worship – 10:30 pm  Evening Worship – 6:00 pm
Wednesday – 6:00 pm

Plantersville FBC

P O Box 487       284 Old Planters Road
Plantersvile, MS  38862

Phone: 662-842-8486    Fax: 662-842-4921


Staff Information
Danny Balint, Pastor; Larry Montgomery, Music Minister; Eric Higginbottom, Youth Minister;
Shelly Watkins, Ministry Assistant
Sunday School- 9:45 am; Morning Worship- 10:45 am; Evening Worship- 6:00 pm
 Wednesday Children & Youth- 6:00 pm; Wednesday Prayer Time- 6:30 pm

Pleasant Grove

779 CR 506
Shannon, MS  38868


Staff Information
Open, Pastor; Lane Duffy, Music Minister

Poplar Springs Baptist Church

7210 Fairview Banner Rd
Golden, MS 38847
Staff Information
Jimmy Dale Sartin, Pastor; Tony Enis, Music Minister;
Stevie Jones, Youth Minister
Sunday School 10 am, Worship 11 am, Discipleship Training 5 pm, Evening Worship 6 pm

Wednesday night 6:30 pm

Priceville Baptist Church

713 N. Feemster Lake Road
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 662-842-1177


Staff Information
John Stevens, Interim Pastor; Open, Music Minister
 Sunday School – 10:00 am    Worship – 11:00 am   Discipleship Training – 5:00 pm Evening  Worship – 6:00 pm
Wednesday – 7:00 pm

Providence Baptist Church

1044 Hurricane Creek Road
Tremont, MS 38876-8656

Phone: 662-652-3050

Staff Information
Open, Pastor; Melissa Wilson, Youth Minister



Richmond Baptist Church

2243 CR 814
Tupelo, MS 38804

Phone: 662-844-3164

Staff Information
Jeremy McMahan, Pastor;  Open, Music Minister
                                                                                             Sunday Morning Worship, 11:00 am

Salem Baptist Church

PO Box 46
Golden, MS 38847-0046

Phone: 662-585-3381

Staff Information
Kerry Peden, Pastor; Ronnie Gholston, Music Minister


Sherman Baptist Church

P O Box 406    149 3rd Avenue
Sherman, MS 38869
Phone: 662-840-1181
Staff Information
Gregg Thomas, Pastor

Shiloh Southern Baptist Church

P O Box 217     406 Shiloh Mantachie Road
Mantachie, MS 38855
Phone: 662-282-5080
Staff Information
Ron Harris, Interim Pastor; Kayla Cullins, Music Leader;
Blake Buchanan, Youth Minister


Temple Grove

157 CR 1151
Plantersville, MS 38862
Staff Information
Michael Sumner, Pastor


Tremont First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 132       10050 Highway 178 East 
Tremont, MS 38876

Phone: 662-652-4002


Staff Information
 Jeff Moore, Pastor; Gail Satterwhite, Music Minister;
Will Carr, Children/Youth Minister  

Trinity Baptist Church

302 S. Adams Street
Fulton, MS 38843-2039

Phone: 662-862-9320



Staff Information
David Haynes, Pastor; Barry Bouchillon, Music Minister;
                                                                        Mark Robbins, Youth Minister; Betty Coleman, Ministry Assistant
Sunday: Worship 8:30 am, 10:30 am   Evening: 6:00 pm


Union Chapel Baptist Church

209 CR 109
Shannon, MS 38868
Staff Information
Rick Ball,  Pastor
Sunday School 9:45 am,  Worship 11 am,
Wednesday Prayer Meeting 11 am

First Baptist Church Verona

PO Box 1093      278 College Avenue
Verona, MS 38879
Phone: 662-566-8380     Fax: 662-566-0186


Staff Information
Larry Dunlap, Pastor; Paul Reed, Interim Music:
Phil McDaniel, Ministry Assistant
Sunday School 9:00 am   Worship 10:00 am   Evening 5:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Study  10:00 am

Victory Baptist Church

129 CR 199
Tupelo, MS 388801

Phone: 662-680-9729

Staff Information
Dwain Ard, Pastor

West Jackson Street Baptist Church

1349 West Jackson Street
Tupelo, MS 38801

Phone: 662-842-7875       Fax: 662-842-7899


Staff Information
Dr. Keith Cochran, Senior Pastor; Todd Mordecai, Minister of Music;
Chris O’Daniel, Associate Pastor:  Lisa Hofmister, Director of Preshchool &  Children: Baden Honeycutt, Interim Minister of Students;
Grant Smallwood, Director of Facilities & Recreation 
Gayla Allen & Shawna Lindsey, Ministry Assistants;
Norma Clenin, Financial Secretary
Sunday:    Worship  9:15 am   Sunday School  10:45 am       Evening Worship & Equip U Activities  6:00 pm 
  Wednesday:  Morning Bible Study  10:30 am         Equip U Activities 6:00 pm