We are here to help you and your church be all you can be for the Kingdom of God. Should you have a need related to any aspect of church ministry give us a call. If we don’t have the resources you need available we will search until we find you help. The following are a few of the ministries we offer to our area.

Church Health (Lee)

We provide resources, consultation and leadership development to help churches be healthy in the vital areas of Worship, Ministry, Evangelism/Missions, Discipleship and Fellowship. A healthy church has the freedom to be led by the Spirit of God to be intentional in making Disciples of Christ. For information on upcoming leadership development events, resources and consultation agreements please contact us.

Serving on our Church Health Team are:

Bobby Holland, Pastoral Care Leader
Diane Roberts, WMU Director
Luke Gardner, Evangelism Leader
Larry Dunlap, Moderator
John Davis, Mission Mobilization Leader
Jannie Brown, Senior Adult Leader
 Marc Howard, AMD


Mission Mobilization (Lee)

We are committed to helping God’s people be on mission for God. Our goal is to mobilize mission volunteers from local congregations. We do this through mission mobilization grants, cooperative mission opportunities, mission journeys and prayerwalks all over the world. Contact us if we can help you be where God has called you to be.

Serving on our Mission Mobilization Team are;
John Davis, Chairman
Jannie Brown
Dickie Rhea
Jim Yates
David Hall
Bryan Horner


Disaster Response (Lee/Itawamba)

We have trained disaster response teams to respond to natural disasters in the United States. We have four trailers that are equipped to provide on the field relief for disaster situations. Located at the LCBA campus is our Disaster Response Mobilizaton Center which houses our response equipment. If you are interested in being a part of our Disaster Response Team contact us for the next training time.
Serving on the Disaster Response Team are:
Thomas Nix, DR Coordinator
Neal Peach, Warehouse/Supply Coordinator 

Pastor/Staff Search Committee Training

Our Director, Marc D. Howard, works with Pastor/Staff Search Committees to help them be equipped to find the person God has called to His place of ministry. Usually, Dr. Howard will meet with the committee for a 1 and 1/2 hour training session. Follow up consultations will occur until the staff member is called. As part of the training we provide various books, templates and other resources to maximize the effectiveness of the Search Committees time.

Minister’s Prayer Breakfast

Tuesday mornings, 8:30 am-9:30 am, area ministers, staff members and retired ministers meet for fellowship, food and prayer at the LCBA. Breakfast is provided by the LCBA. 

Evangelism Team (Lee)

The Evangelism Team plans and administrates cooperative evangelistic events, efforts and ministries in the Lee County Baptist Association.
Serving on the Evangelism Team are:
Josh Herndon
Dustin Tutor
Matt Powell
Phil Ellis
Chad Higgins

Administrative Committee (Lee/Itawamba)

The Administrative Committee makes necessary decisions to enable the Association to function effectively in the interim between annual meetings and Executive Committee meetings.

Serving on the Lee Administrative Committee are:

Bobby Robbins (Chairman)
Tim Alexander
Tim Brown
Mark Hoover
Harold Springer
Chris DeGeorge
Itawamba Administrative Committee Members are:
K.W. Knight (Chairman)
Stevie Jones
Henry Jenkins
Jeff Moore
Dean Warren
Pat Bishop

Constitution & By-Laws Committee (Lee)

This committee will be responsible for rewriting, revising, amending, deleting or otherwise changing the constitution to keep it current with changing times. They are also responsible for examining doctrine and practice of churches that apply for membership to the LCBA.

Serving on this Committee are:

Lowell Johnson, Chairman
Gayle Alexander
David Hatfield
Wayne Housley
Matt Scopel
Brian Daniels

Nominating Committee (Lee/Itawamba)

The Nominating Committee selects the Committee on Committee Members and nominates persons to fill other committee/team positions in the association.

Serving on the Itawamba Nominating Committee are:

Henry Jenkins, Chairman
Casey Crum
Frank Yielding
Stevie Jones
K.W. Knight
Pat Bishop
Serving on the Lee Nominating Committee are:
Tim Tutor (Chairman)
Harold Springer
 Ronnie Hatfield
Jannie Brown
Scott Witcher
Jim Holcomb

Admissions Committee (Itawamba)

Danny Rushing (Chairman)
Ken Bishop
Tony North
Rocky Lindsey
Kerry Peden
Barry Todd

Baptist Student Union Committee (Itawamba)

Frank Yielding

Christian Action Commission Committee (Itawamba)

David Haynes (Chairman)
Dean Warren
Jeff Moore

Program Committee (Itawamba)

Rocky Lindsey (Chairman)
Bradley Bagwell
Clyde Robbins
Jeff Lentz
Barry Bouchillon
Danny Rushing

Resolutions Committee (Itawamba)

Jeff Moore (Chairman)
Jimmy Dale Sartin
K.W. Knight

Committee on Committee (Itawamba & Lee)

Serving on the Itawamba COC:
Johnny Yielding, (Chairman)
Jimmy Dale Sartin
David Haynes
Tony Enis
Gary Powell
David Turner
Serving on the Lee COC:
Brian Daniels, Chairman
Jerry Estes
Bob O’Neal
Matt Powell
Roger Smith
Dwain Ard

Minister’s Lunch Meeting

One Wednesday a month, usually the 4th Wednesday, the Itawamba Ministers meet for a lunch at the Mexican restaurant at 11:30. See the calendar for specific dates.

Mississippi Convention Board Member

Lee: Danny Balint
Itawamba: David Haynes

Trustees (Itawamba)

Alfred York, Stevie Jones and Carlton Spigner