The church you attend was started by God through someone. Isn’t it time you did your part to help start new churches for future generations?

Planting New Churches

Every believer and every church can be a part of the growing new church starts movement in Kingdom work. Unfortunately, in the United States, over 1100 churches close the doors each year. Fortunately, we are part of a movement that sees over 1400 churches start each year.
In the Lee Association, we work through the SEND Network of NAMB to start churches in strategic areas. We are presently working with church plants in Denver, CO, Palmview, TX, Ashland, MA, Kailua Kona, HI, Collinsville, IL, Las Vegas, NV, Huntington, IN, New Orleans, LA, Central America, Mexico, Philippines and Montreal, Canada. Our member churches are part of church starts all over the world. We believe every church can be involved in some way in starting a new church.